Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

Dynamic Wrinkles: appear with movement (e.g. when smiling). Wrinkle injections are usually the best option here and will usually may make them disappear for somewhere from ten weeks to six months.

Static wrinkles which are present all the time whether the face is moving or not are best dealt with by the use of fillers.

Wrinkle injections are given by inserting a tiny needle under your skin. The discomfort level is described as varying from mild to non-existent. If you are needle-phobic we can put on some local anaesthetic cream on to reduce any potential discomfort even further. The most requested areas for treatment are the forehead, the brow (frown) and outer eye (crow's feet) areas.

Wrinkle reducing injections work by reducing over-activity of the underlying facial muscles. As the muscle gradually stops over-contracting then the skin overlying the muscle smoothes out, the wrinkles usually soften or may even 'disappear'. You will usually see the effects of your treatment within a few days with full effects developing over 5-14 days.

Generally the results of the initial injections should last from 3- 6 months. Subsequent injections usually last for longer. There is a variation between people: some individuals will get longer than average, some shorter. Gradually over 4-6 months the effects will fade and the muscle action will return. When the lines start to reappear a simple repeat treatment is required to maintain the effect.

If you decide to stop treatment? The effects of the injection wear off after a period of months. Gradually your lines will return to what they were before you started treatment but the treatment will probably have slowed the wrinking process overall. There will be no lasting changes in the areas treated.

What our patients really like:

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  • Our Subtle Understated 'Look': Helping you to look beautiful... as naturally as possible. We prefer to make changes slowly over a number of treatments to see how you are responding rather than a rushed, over-the-top result.
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