Your Lips need to look well – not overdone or trouty

  • Lips add colour and focus to a face.
  • The main dynamic area of interest in a face is an upside-down triangular area created by drawing an imaginary line between your two eyes (as the base) and then drawing a line form each of the eyes to the centre of the mouth.
  • This is the area of your face people are drawn to when looking at your face.
Our Lip enhancement approach:
Lip Enhancement
  • Keep it subtle. Avoid the “she’s had too much” look. We don’t do trout pouts.
  • Aim to subtly restore lips to fuller, more youthful proportions.
  • Maintain and, if possible, enhance the Cupid’s bow area, especially if it looks like it is becoming 'flattened'.
  • Treat any vertical or any radial lines (pout lines or smoker’s lines) on the upper or lower lip at the same time if at all possible.
  • Keep lip volume in proportion to the overall face.
Nowadays we mostly use collagen. It performs beautifully for us and it can be placed with great precision. It usually lasts around 12-15 months.

You can also view details of Dermal Fillers here.

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What our patients really like:

  • Our Advice: impartial, honest information and advice on how to achieve the look you want. : no 'sales pressure'. You are the decision-maker and we will not rush you.
  • Our Subtle Understated 'Look': Helping you to look beautiful... as naturally as possible. We prefer to make changes slowly over a number of treatments to see how you are responding rather than a rushed, over-the-top result.
  • Our Honesty: We will also advise on what is unlikely to work well for you.
  • Privacy and Discretion: We are a medical practice. Our reception staff are discreet, courteous and confidential. We protect your privacy.