Dermal Fillers

Aging skin gradually loses some of its collagen, moisture and fat content hence become thinner and develop lines and wrinkles. The sag factor!! Dermal fillers help faces to be more full, youthful and radiant, are generally side-effect-free most people return to work either that afternoon or the next day. Occasionally mild bruising will occur.

Dermal Fillers are used for :

  • Static wrinkles, folds and creases i.e. 'static' implies they are obvious all the time whether the face is moving or not. (wrinkles that only appear with movement respond best to muscle-relaxing injections).
  • Eyebrow lift: To non-surgically lift the upper eyebrow if the upper lids have become hooded upper lashes and eyebrow have become too close together, not much, or no, area left for eye shadow.
  • Lips which have thinned too much (or which were always just too thin!)
  • Noses to provide nasal contouring / reshaping.
  • Cheekbones if they have sagged, or become hollow due to weight loss, aging or illness.
  • Lower Jaw area for hollowing of the jaw on either side of the chin.
  • Sunken Lower Eyelids area to restore youthful 'plumpness'.
Temporary fillers last from 8 to 24 months depending on the type of filler used.

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