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Wrinkle relaxing injections are given by inserting a tiny needle under your skin with minimal discomfort.  Most common areas for treatment are the forehead, the brow (frown) and outer eye (crow's feet) areas.

Wrinkle reducing injections work by reducing over-activity of the underlying facial muscles. As the muscle gradually stops over-contracting then the skin overlying the muscle smoothes out, the wrinkles usually soften or may even 'disappear'. You will usually see the effects of your treatment within a few days with full effects developing over 5-14 days.

Generally the results of the initial injections should last from 3- 6 months. Subsequent injections usually last for longer. There is a variation between people: some individuals will get longer than average, some shorter. Gradually over 4-6 months the effects will fade and the muscle action will return. When the lines start to reappear a simple repeat treatment is required to maintain the effect.

The effects of the injection wear off after a period of months. Gradually your lines will return to what they were before you started treatment but the treatment will probably have slowed the wrinkling process overall. There will be no lasting changes in the areas treated.


Prior to the first consultation you will fill out an e-mail with details of your health background to facilitate our assessment of your medical problems.

At the first consultation, we will arrange relevant medical investigations, including blood tests, hormone investigations, adrenal stress tests etc.

Sometimes, as a 'kick-start' to your system, intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions may be suggested as an initial booster.

The second consultation takes place when all the test results are available.

Your Functional Medicine treatment plan blends standard medical treatment with nutritional/ biochemically-based therapy. The aim is to work in harmony with your body's innate healing capabilities rather than suppressing them.

The third consultation typically takes place about 6 to 8 weeks after the second.

What Our Patients Say

  • Dr Magovern takes the time to truly listen to his patient and acknowledge all issues,
    both physical and emotional. He is a doctor for people who don’t want to spend the rest of
    their life feeling tired, sore or depressed and taking one drug after another. I can’t
    recommend him highly enough.

  • Doctor Magovern is a very caring and attentive doctor. He sets out to assess and treat
    every case on an individual basis. He carries out an in-depth consultation with the patient
    and then recommends a treatment plan to suit that person.

  • Dr Magovern asked me to go for blood tests and other investigations. When the results came back,
    we agreed a plan for a naturally-based treatment, a mix of Intravenous infusions of minerals and vitamins
    and oral supplements. Six month later, I realised that, not only had I no antibiotic
    treatments over this past winter and my energy level has improved substantially.