Persistent or Recurrent Vaginal thrush

This is known by many names including: Candidiasis, chronic vaginal thrush , chronic vulval candidiasis , vulvovaginal candidiasis , candida syndrome.

Candida is a fungus or mould. Many other moulds may cause similar symptoms. Often both fungal and bacterial overgrowths coexist and so, to get a real improvement both the fungal (i.e . the mould) and the bacterial overgrowth disorders need to be dealt with. In my opinion many individuals who suffer from persistent vaginal thrush usually have a reservoir of infection in their bowel which needs to be treated before any real improvement will occur. My strategy is to deal with the gut infection as a priority. The Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis is frequently very useful in this context and allows the doctor to identify which organism(s) is causing the problem and which particular treatment that particular bug is likely to respond well to.

With treatment there is also usually an improvement in the person’s overall feeling of well being. In my experience many persistent health problems including PMS, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic tiredness, some forms of eczema and sometimes, brain fog may be gut fungus or gut bacterial-infection-related. While diets are helpful many patients who consult me have tried diet after diet with no response and are very disillusioned and, generally, I try to use a clinical approach which does not involve extreme dietary restriction on an ongoing basis. The majority of patients respond well to treatment.

"...I am not aware of any other practice quite like the Drummartin Clinic. Its function is to make its patients feel well again and give them back their lives and I feel that it definitely succeeds in achieving this."

Veronica (Dublin 14)