Intravenous Infusions

Some people do not respond well to oral supplementation but respond wonderfully to IV vitamins and minerals.

Intravenous infusions may be useful if the patient is got absorptive capacity is poor. In my own experience as a doctor, although I underwent training in the use of IV infusions in 1996 in the US, I decided not to use them immediately on the basis that: if patient had proper nutritional advice then intravenous infusions were a waste of the patient’s money and the doctor’s time. Some years later I reluctantly made the decision to do a short trial of intravenous infusions in a particular patient for whom I was struggling to find the treatment which could begin their process of improvement. The patient responded well and quickly to the intravenous infusions.

Only natural substances such as vitamins, minerals and amino-acids are used in intravenous infusions.

There is no ‘cure all’ in medicine but for some patients intravenous infusions proved to be a very great help on their road to recovering their health.
Dr John Myers, a physician of Baltimore did extensive work on the use of intravenous nutrient infusions. Dr Myers died in the 1960s and his work was carried on and further developed by Dr Alan Gaby.

Dr Alan Gaby has written an excellent review article on intravenous infusions. Read article.
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