Female Libido Problems

Female Sex Drive Integrative Medicine, a holistic approach, combines Conventional Medicine with complementary/alternative health therapies such as Nutritional Medicine (including recognition and management of food intolerances) , Acupuncture, Environmental Medicine (Clinical Ecology) and Natural i.e. biologically identical, Hormone Therapies. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for libido in men AND women.

If a woman is suffering from a decline in libido but her general health and energy both physical and emotional is good then it is worthwhile measuring her testosterone level.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for a normal healthy sex-drive in women. Female testosterone levels are lower than in males but, without testosterone, females would have little or no libido and testosterone is also important in maintenance of healthy bones in the female. Testosterone levels are frequently lowered in women who are experiencing lack of libido and testosterone replacement is frequently very effective in the treatment of this problem.

In men testosterone is produced for the most part in the testes while in women testosterone is produced in the adrenal glands but in some women particularly following physical or psychological stress testosterone levels may decline compared with the expected testosterone level expected for a woman of similar age. It is important to check blood levels and also blood levels of the carrier protein so that the proportion of ‘free’ unbound testosterone can be properly assessed. Testosterone replacement which is usually via a colourless, odourless gel is frequently very successful in restoring libido.

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