Endometriosis Symptoms / Endometrisois Treatment
Endometriosis is the deposition of endometrial tissue at abnormal sites in the body (usually in the pelvic area) instead of where it should normally be positioned which is as the lining of the womb.

What happens differently in endometriosis?
Normally the endometrial tissue is limited to the lining of the womb. In endometriosis endometrial tissue is deposited at sites other than the lining of the womb. As a result hormonally-active tissue which continues to bleed on a monthly basis may end up deposited around the pelvis, fallopian tubes, ovaries, rectum and the intestinal area.
Problems experienced by women with endometriosis range widely but pelvic pain including vaginal pain, anal pain, painful periods, fertility issues and pre-menstrual syndrome probably top the list.
For some patients it is constant or semi-constant pelvic pain which leads to gynaecological investigation and an eventual diagnosis of endometriosis. The pain may be severe enough to be described as 'knife-like' in the rectal or vaginal area. For other patients the pain is not the predominant feature and the endometriosis may be discovered as part of the investigation of infertility.

Endometriosis - an integrative approach
Patients with endometriosis also frequently suffer from ongoing tiredness all of which need to be addressed in a broader medical way. Frequently 'irritable bowel syndrome' is also present and needs to be addressed in detail. Detailed investigation of oestrogen and progesterone status is often very helpful. Treating whatever is causing the ‘Irritable Bowel’ Symptoms frequently helps the endometriosis and, together with looking at nutritional and hormonal status a good outcome in terms of improvement of quality of life is usually possible for the patient improving, not just the pelvic or period pain but also the overall sense of energy and well-being.

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