Ultraviolet Blood Therapy (Photoluminescence)

Ultraviolet Blood Therapy Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) Therapy

What is UVB / UBI used for?
The Foundation For Blood Irradiation, Inc, has found UBI useful in a wide variety of conditions. In Drummartin we are primarily using it in fatigue states and in persistent viral infections. Nothing is a cure-all but, anecdotally, I have observed a 65% - 80% positive response in long-term problems involving infection and fatigue and it has also proved useful in conditions such as common influenza. The patients we have treated with UBI have been suffering from ME, Hepatitis C, Fibromyalgia, persistent / recurrent rhino-sinusitis, asthma and bronchitis. Ultraviolet (UV) blood irradiation (UBI) therapy is considered to help raises host resistance and is a potentially useful add-on treatment in many disease processes especially fatigue and post-infective conditions. UV radiation is used to purify water and treat sewage and medically it may be used to purify and clean the blood of contaminations in the form of bacteria and viruses.

The procedure is very similar to blood being taken and involves just one needle which is inserted into a vein and blood is then drawn into some tubing which then passes into a special quartz tube between two ulatraviolet B lamps and thus is exposed to a controlled amount of ultraviolet energy in the therapeutic band and the blood is then smoothy returned to the patient The skin needs to be and the same cannula is usedeb broken only once (only one needle /cannula is used) . We have seen ’flu turn around in a few hours in a teenager who was indispensable for a school play, sinusitis and bronchitis also seem to respond very quickly No harmful effects have been observed with UBI therapy in thousand of cases of viral infections, hepatitis, bacterial infections, hypoxemia, and many other illnesses, especially blood-related infections.

Safety and sterility: The entire system is "closed" meaning the patient’s blood never leaves the tubing or the bottle and is simply returned back into the vein after passing through the UV device. Treatment requires 25-45 minutes depending on the amount of blood treated and how fast the blood flows. After the treatment patients should rest for a few minutes but are then free to return to home or work.

Further Reading
Abstract from article on UVB published in the International Journal of Biosocial Medical Research: "In the 1940s, a multitude of articles appeared in the American literature detailing a novel treatment for infection. This treatment had a cure rate of 98 to 100% in early and moderately advanced infections, and approximately 50% in terminally moribund patients. Healing was not limited to just bacterial infections, but also viral (acute polio), wounds, asthma, and arthritis. Recent German literature has demonstrated profound improvements in a number of biochemical and hematologic markers. There has never been reported any toxicity, side effects or injury except for occasional Herxheimer type reactions. As infections are failing to improve with the use of chemical treatment, this safe and effective treatment should be revisited."
(Int J Biosocial Med Res., 1996; 14(2): 115-132)

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