Asthma & Allergy and Chemical Sensitivity

I take a practical approach to conditions such as asthma and attempt to combine the best of the conventional medical approach (but try to keep any unavoidable steroid dosage as low as possible). There is no magic bullet but an integrated approach incorporating nutritional biochemical investigation, dietary management, reduction in the body’s toxic burden (which frequently may be ‘driving’ the immune system) usually yields a worthwhile response. It is important to normalize vitamin and mineral status and deal with any persistent low-grade bowel or sinus infections whish may be contributing to the problem. In my experience the best approach is a comprehensive one which restores balance. While recognizing the place of pharmaceutical medicines in the management of these diseases it is important, in my opinion, to see if one can find the root cause and treat that rather than merely treating the symptoms.
"...I am not aware of any other practice quite like the Drummartin Clinic. Its function is to make its patients feel well again and give them back their lives and I feel that it definitely succeeds in achieving this."

Veronica (Dublin 14)