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Below is a list of our fees, if you have any questions about our services please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Functional Medicine

First Consultation (60 -70 minutes) - €350
(Extended, detailed consultation including full and detailed review of your health questionnaire and medical history, and planning of investigation and treatment).

Follow-up Consultation (35-40 min) - €225
(within 18 months of previous consultation)

Intravenous infusions

First Consultation for IV Therapy - €75

Myers Cocktail Infusion - €210
(Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, B100 Complex, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C 2,500- 3,000mg, Methylcobalamin 1,000mcg).

Myers Cocktail Infusion Plus Glutathione - €295

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

First Consultation (BHRT and FM combined) (60-70 min) - €350
Menopausal & Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Consultation plus a detailed functional medicine assessment will cover all aspects of your ongoing health.

Follow-up / Subsequent Consultation (BHRT and FM combined) (35-40 minutes): Within 18 months of the initial consultation. €225.

Blood Testing

Walsh Blood Testing - €370
Phlebotomy (blood sample) - €35
Thyroid Blood Test - €85

(We mostly use mainland European and US Laboratories for our complex illness investigations.

Other Treatments

High Dose Ozone Therapy - €750

Consultation and Assessment with Doctor - €75

Excessive Sweating Treatment
Underarm Area - €595

Reservation & Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel please give us two working days (48 hours) notice.

A credit/visa card guarantee of 50% of the fee is required to confirm appointments.

If you do not cancel your appointment within two working days (48 hours), or do not show up at all, you will be charged the amount of the deposit.

Thank you for your understanding.


iv therapy module

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bio identical hormones module

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unexplained illness module

A different approach to unexplained illness


What Our Patients Say

  • Dr Magovern takes the time to truly listen to his patient and acknowledge all issues,
    both physical and emotional. He is a doctor for people who don’t want to spend the rest of
    their life feeling tired, sore or depressed and taking one drug after another. I can’t
    recommend him highly enough.

  • Doctor Magovern is a very caring and attentive doctor. He sets out to assess and treat
    every case on an individual basis. He carries out an in-depth consultation with the patient
    and then recommends a treatment plan to suit that person.

  • Dr Magovern asked me to go for blood tests and other investigations. When the results came back,
    we agreed a plan for a naturally-based treatment, a mix of Intravenous infusions of minerals and vitamins
    and oral supplements. Six month later, I realised that, not only had I no antibiotic
    treatments over this past winter and my energy level has improved substantially.