Comments From Unexplained Illnesses Patients

"My journey"
Over the last 4 years, chronic pain and repeated infections had been dragging me down at all times. I was visiting my GP every 3 weeks, never getting any clear answers as to the reason I wasn't feeling well, going for tests and getting results which did not explain why I was like this. Then, new symptoms were bringing me to consult again etc. I was getting more anxious because I was suffering, and I was feeling bad when at the end of each episode my GP was saying: "Are you not suffering from stress at the moment?" My first consultation with Doctor Magovern was so different. Even though he had received my detailed health questionnaire, he spent a long time listening carefully to me, paying attention to every detail, clearly looking for a global picture of my health. He asked me to go for blood tests and other investigations. When the results came back, we agreed a plan for a naturally-based treatment, a mix of Intravenous infusions of minerals and vitamins and oral supplements. Six month later, I realise that, not only had I no antibiotic treatments over this past winter but my energy level has improved substantially. As a result I have not been annoying my GP with almost-monthly visits, not to mention avoiding further consultant visits. I feel I have invested in my health in the long term, I am a lot healthier and my monthly health costs are much lower.
Anna (49), Cork

Doctor Magovern is a very caring and attentive doctor. He sets out to assess and treat every case on an individual basis. He begins by carrying out an in-depth consultation with the patient and then recommends a treatment plan to suit that person. In my situation, I was constantly feeling exhausted and kept getting recurrent infections. However, since attending Doctor Magovern I can say that my health is much improved. I am not aware of any other practice quite like the Drummartin Clinic. Its function is to make its patients feel well again and give them back their lives and I feel that it definitely succeeds in achieving this."
Veronica (Dublin 14)

"Finally a Doctor that seeks to find and treat the cause of your illness, rather than just writing a prescription for the symptoms. Dr Magovern takes the time to truly listen to his patient and acknowledge all issues both physical and emotional. He is a doctor for people who don't want to spend the rest of their life feeling tired, sore, or depressed and taking one drug after another. I can't recommend him highly enough."
Jane aged 36 ( Dalkey)

"The way I felt: Sinead had been ill with severe rhinitis, sinusitis, recurrent chest infections and also severe headaches which seemed to be always there. Energy levels were a huge problem from the beginning of the autumn term. She had had her tonsils and adenoids removed but this failed to produce any noticeable improvement. Despite the frequent antibiotics she just did not have the energy to go to school or play with her friends.; she gave up her activities. A GP told me that she just didn't like school - yet Sinead was one of the top children in her class. I tried to find answers but no help was forthcoming. Nobody believed me. Now on Sinead's third visit to Dr Magovern she is back at school, generally not needing an afternoon nap and has managed to pace herself and is taking part in school activities. Also, happily, the constantly runny nose, recurrent infections and constantly repeated courses of antibiotics seem to be a thing of the past. My daughter has rediscovered her joy of life and is enjoying things again."
Mary, Mother of Sinead ( aged 14)