Comments From Cosmetic Treatments Patients

Orla aged 23 from Galway says:
“I suffered from [moderate to severe pustular] acne and began treatment with Dr. Magovern at Drummartin Clinic in November 2007. I had seven combined microdermabrasion and Aesthera PPX treatments and one peel during the period between November 2007 and August 2008. Even by Christmas 2007 (having seen Dr. Magovern at that stage for only three treatments ) I felt much more confident socialising back at home in Galway and much less dependent on make-up. Because I moved away from Dublin and have now emigrated to London it was difficult to get back to see Dr Magovern, however the time of writing (May 2009), my skin has maintained much of its improvement. I hope to get back to Dublin soon so that I can get back to Drummartin for some follow-up treatment to maintain my progress.
Yvonne aged 53 from Dundrum says:
“I just like the very friendly approach and the work is good! I have had a mixture of things done including some Aesthera PPX to treat my broken facial veins and my sun-damage, wrinkle relaxing injections for my crow’s feet and frown area and mesoglow to give my skin glow and vitality and some filler to bring back some youthful plumpness to my lips. I liked how everything was brought together to give a lovely overall result. Everything was done with subtlety so that, although I have an excellent result, nothing is too ‘obvious’ or over-done.”

Kate aged 66years form Kilternan says:
“My cosmetic treatment has been a great help to my self-esteem and any help is always most welcome as one gets older ! I find that the gradual and gentle way that Dr Magovern works along with a person and tests their reaction to each phase as they go means that I am always totally in control of what is happening with my face and I know for certain that I will not get sent out looking theatrical !”

Grainne 70 years old from Killiney, Co. Dublin says:
“Over the past years with Dr. Magovern I have had wrinkle-relaxing injections, fillers around my mouth and brow area and also some dermal peels. Recently Dr. Magovern performed a non-surgical lift of my eyebrows which gave me significantly more eyeshadow area, and which took only half–an-hour or so. I have now been three years going to Drummartin for my cosmetic medical needs and my results have always been consistently excellent. I am very pleased. “

Discretion and Privacy. Treatment for Broken Facial Veins and Sun Damage:
Imelda 34 Dublin Says:
“I do not discuss my cosmetic medical treatments with friends. In a small city like Dublin you really don’t want your neighbour to know that you were in having a cosmetic medical treatment. I also value the privacy at Drummartin Clinic and the fact that, if I met a friend there accidentally having just had a treatment, I might just as easily have been there for a routine medical consultation. Dr. Magovern has always been 100% honest with me about what I can expect. He jokes that he tries to “under-promise and over-deliver” and he certainly seems to succeed in this.”

Imelda also adds:
Regarding Facial red/ broken vein treatment

Imelda continues :
“Compared to any other laser treatment I have ever had the (Aesthera photopneumatic ) treatment is pretty-well painless. I think that I have a pretty good pain threshold but, honestly, I just found the previous laser treatment too sore. Aesthera treatment worked very quickly for me in treating my broken veins. After an Aesthera treatment session I only get some redness for a short while and then I can go straight back to work and I noticed results after the very first treatment. You would need to be very silly to choose any other treatment for hair removal or red vein treatment.”