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Hair Loss and its treatment

Alopecia is the term for hair loss. There are several kinds of alopecia.

The most common kind of alopecia is ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA which affects both men and women. Men are affected earlier in life (45 to 55% of men being affected by the age of 50) while a similar percentage of women may end up being affected but not until they are over the age of 65. Onset is gradual with increased hair shedding (hairs on the hairbrush and in the shower filter), change  in the hair type in the scalp area involved from large, thick,  pigmented/coloured hairs to thinner, shorter, hairs and finally to short, wispy, nonpigmented vellus hairs. Ultimately the process may result in an area of scalp bareness. The affected area varies from patient to patient and but usually is most marked in the area extending from the front of the head back towards the crown. Men tend to lose their frontal hairline, women are more likely to maintain it.